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"I have 2 online businesses, on both I posted your book, It's Monday Only in Your Mind as reading material for 2015. Your written experience has influenced me more than any book I have read, what my M.A. in psych has taught me, 16 years of on/off therapy, Byron Katie workshops, personal interaction with Phil Lombardo, Shakit Gawin, Bob Stahl, Louise Hays and various Hay House authors that I personally know who have directed me towards my true being of love. There hasn't been a need to see my therapist for 6 weeks. I am looking forward to a new relationship with him and with myself. Thank you so much for discovering the truth and sharing it with the world. Without meeting you, I believe you are my friend."

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"The only way one's life will ever change is when the conditioning that makes it so changes."

- Michael Cupo



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12 Steps to Freedom

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts "The Buddha"


Daily Message:

A story always needs a subject to focus on to be created. We supply the subject of all our stories when our focus is on the base of I. Without I, our innate divinity sustains itself naturally without the need for a story.

An anchor needs to be established so there’s a place one can return to when the merry go round mind is leading the charge. This is a place where it’s safe and secure away from the insanity of one’s own mind.

The Conditioned Mind which is based in noise, constantly tries to create a world that makes you think you need to be happy. This created noise blocks one from seeing their own innate goodness.

A distraction causes a person to reach for something because the mind is in a state of agitation. Distractions block the ability to live a life aligned with the love that’s in your heart.

A person can only see what they’ve been influenced by and what influences you is limited by the books you read and whatever else is attached to from external sources.

There is a choice in every moment that occurs which solely puts your life in your hands. If you don’t have awareness of this, you will be controlled unconsciously by what occurs without a choice.

Addiction: Getting to the Root: If you don’t get to the entire root of a weed, the weed will keep coming back. The only reason this is an issue is because it will not allow the beauty of the flowers to flourish. This is a link to an article I wrote for Addicted Minds titled Addiction: Getting to the Root Addiction Root